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At Advance Health, you will find passionate employees dedicated to serving our clients and making a difference in people’s lives. We are always looking for self-motivated, self-directed employees looking to work in one of the most dynamic professions in the world. You will be working alongside individuals who are committed to ensuring patients are receiving appropriate care and are benefiting from all of the health care services available to them.

When you work at Advance Health, you will discover that what you do really does matter. Our corporate office is located in Chantilly, VA and our regional office is in Richmond, VA. However, our clinical services span the United States as do our opportunities for board-certified Nurse Practitioners.

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Nurse Practitioners are one of the single most important aspects of our member engagement programs . The professional support NPs deliver helps members feel more comfortable and find value in the programs designed to advance their care.

Advance Health carefully recruits those with the talent,experience, training, and qualities required for working with our clients' members. We utilize a rigorous credentialing verification protocol to ensure the highest standards in care. Our NPs are required to hold national certification (AANP/ANCC) in Family, Adult, or Geriatric care.

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Our NPs are trained, managed and supported by fellow clinicians with many years of experience. In fact, our network of NPs averages over nine years of experience caring for vulnerable populations and coordinating care in community-based settings. Our rigorous program includes ongoing training and testing in CMS compliant documentation, customer service, elder care, client-specific HRA protocol, and screening/diagnostic procedures.

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Advance Health has career opportunities across the nation. Find out about the great places and the great health care careers at Advance Health.

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